Incumbency Advantage? Meet the Incumbents and their Challengers in Three Major East Coast Mayoral Races this Year – Part II Buffalo


Last week we looked at a mayoral race coming up in Rochester, but it is not the only city electing a mayor this year. With the same common themes of police-community relations, education, and affordable housing, an incumbent is seeking reelection in Buffalo. Today we will look there at a race including a candidate responding to legal issues and a retired man. In anticipation of the September primaries here is part II of our preview:

Buffalo Mayoral Election
Date: November 7, 2017 with a September 12th primary

Candidate Name: Byron Brown
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Current Job: Mayor
Education: Buffalo State College (BA)
Campaign Themes: During Mayor Brown’s time in office, he states that he has supported initiatives to grow the economy by encouraging diverse businesses and the jobs they create. He has supported making the city safer through more surveillance cameras and getting thousands of illegal guns off the street, while also maintaining the city’s diversity through supporting immigrants and refugees. Brown was investigated for corruption and racketeering in 2016, but is currently claiming ‘legislative immunity’ over the 2011 matter. Endorsements: The Democratic Party and many politicians in the state such as Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.


Candidate Name: Terrence Robinson
Party Affiliation: Green Party
Current Job: Currently retired, former police officer
Education: Princeton University
Campaign Themes: Robinson wants to focus his campaign on local issues and an open, non-corrupt government. He is focused on equal access to employment, education, and investment, environmental awareness, and safe, healthy neighborhoods.
Endorsement: The Green Party


Candidate Name: Mark Schroeder
Party Affiliation: Reform Party
Current Job: City Comptroller
Education: Empire State College
Campaign Themes: Schroeder is focused on providing aid to small, neighborhood businesses, not just large development firms. He also supports a free GED program, and the establishment job training centers. He has advocated for well-trained police officers and innovative local government.


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By Brooklyn J-Flowers, BallotReady Intern