Incumbency Advantage? Meet the Incumbents and their Challengers in Three Major East Coast Mayoral Races this Year – Part III Boston


As we have seen in the last blog posts, there are many important mayoral races happening this year. Issues such as police-community relations, education, and affordable housing are being discussed at the local level in preparation for these fall elections. Today we are looking at an incumbent mayor up for reelection in Boston against a city councilman and a dissatisfied citizen. In anticipation of the September primaries here is the final part of our preview:

Boston Mayoral Election
Date: November 7, 2017 with a September 26th preliminary

Candidate Name: Marty Walsh
Party Affiliation: Nonpartisan
Current Job: Mayor (incumbent)
Education: Boston College
Campaign Themes: During Mayor Walsh’s time in office, he has added public pre-kindergarten seats and offered free community college for graduates of Boston Public Schools. He also states that while in office he developed policies in support of income equality and affordable housing and fostered police-community. He plans to make Boston a city supportive of seniors, art, and non-emergency citizen issues. Last year, his administration received some negative publicity after two senior aides threatened to withhold permits from music festival organizers if they did not hire union workers.
Endorsements: developers, attorneys, real estate executives, and other business leaders.


Candidate Name: Tito Jackson, Challenger
Party Affiliation: Nonpartisan
Current Job: City Councilman
Education: University of New Hampshire
Campaign Themes: Jackson plans to aid economic growth by increasing employment and affordable housing. He plans to increase funding for public education and better utilize these funds, improve community-police relations, provide job training for all ages, and support art and small business.
Endorsements: None


Candidate Name: Joseph Wiley, Challenger
Party Affiliation: Nonpartisan
Current Job: Commercial real estate and customer service for a health insurance firm
Education: UMass Boston (no degree)
Campaign Themes: Wiley states that he is in this race because of dissatisfaction with the cost of housing in Boston. Motivated by Barack Obama’s farewell speech, Wiley said he is heeding the call for the dissatisfied to act. Wiley’s primary campaign issue is affordable housing. He hopes all people can afford a quality home in Boston. He also supports education that prepares students for college, a $15 minimum wage, more educational opportunities for adults, and improved transportation.
Endorsements: None


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By Brooklyn J-Flowers, BallotReady Intern